Thursday, 30 July 2009

Spinach and Pureed Tomatoes

Today's essen was about as appetizing as baby food. A schmear of orange mashed potato-like tomato stuff, and a giant glob of gooey, soggy spinach. The taste was not bad, but let's just say I made a meal of my salad and split an order of pommes (french fries) with Priya.

Strangeness: 4/5
Deliciousness: 1/5


  1. This appears to be by far the worst item on Essen 2 I've seen on this blog. bleh!

  2. yeah... presentation affects the taste more than we realize... i don't think i'd want to eat that haha.

  3. That look so good aimee what are you talking about!! weirdness?? DELICIOUSNESS!! :) miss youuu