Monday, 20 July 2009

Essen 2

I stumbled upon Essen 2 innocently enough. I am an American student spending the summer at Universität Bremen, in Bremen, Germany. I don't speak German. On July 2, the first day of my summer fellowship, I went for lunch at the Mensa, the cafeteria on campus. I stood in the longest line I could find, which happened to be Essen 2. There are many lunch stations at the Mensa, including a salad bar, au gratin station, vegetarische, and Essen 1 and 2, which have different entrees everyday. That first day, when I got to the front of the line, I was given a margarhita pizza and a small salad.

Essen 2, I found out, is the cheapest meal at the Mensa. Every day it is just 1€ for a meal. (The other options are between 3 and 5 € .) It is usually vegetarian. But it wasn't until later that I discovered that Essen 2 is sometimes... unusual. Because I don't speak German, I can't read the posted menu. Lunch is a surprise every time. Essen 2 entrees I have witnesses and/or eaten:
  • pizza and salad
  • vegetable soup and pretzel bread
  • mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs
  • hash browns and applesauce
  • ham salad with a roll
  • ravioli with marinara sauce
Some days, lunch is fairly typical and unremarkable. Other days, it not only warrants remark, but a blog post. When I got my entree today, I knew I had to tell the world about the wondrous culinary inventiveness that is Essen 2. For my remaining six weeks in Bremen, I will get Essen 2 for lunch each day, and henceforth expand my palette to food combinations I never imagined possible.


  1. your blog is fantastic! please post pictures of every Essen2 meal.

  2. hahaha this looks like such fun =D. good luck with your food xP.

  3. aimee, you are fascinating

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Essen 2 posts. I am forwarding on to your grandmothers and other various friends and relatives as they surely can get a chuckle, as well!

  5. this is so great! I've read most of them, and I will definitely keep reading them! So funny! Maybe we can make some of these together when we're cooking in our new apartment kitchen!!