Wednesday, 29 July 2009

dinkel-patty and pasta

I learn more and more about Essen 2 every day. Yesteday I learned from Kevin, a guy in my lab, that Essen 2 is vegetarian every day except for Wednesday. On Wednesday, Essen 1 becomes vegetarian. So today, Wednesday, I present to you both Essen 1 and Essen 2.

Essen 1, which costs 2 euros, and is the meal I ate today, was farfalle pasta and a dinkel-patty, with a side salad and yogurt for dessert. I know from my breakfast cereal, dinkel flakes, that dinkel is bran. The bran-patty was made of carrots and potatoes, and coated in crispy little bran kernels. It was delightful! And my favorite part of today's meal. This meal was one of my favorites I've had in the mensa.

Strangeness: 3/5
Deliciousness: 5/5

Today, Essen 2 was a comically long bratwurst, and a noodle salad. The yellow splotch on the side is mustard (which is really tasty in Germany).

Strangeness: 2/5
Deliciousness: 3/5 (assumed)

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