Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chili con Carne and Pretzel Bread

Wednesday's non-vegetarian Essen 2 is brought to you by a special guest judge, Priya's friend Aaron, who is in town for a few days. When I asked Aaron to rate his meal, he said he gave it a solid three and a half, and he grabbed an extra pretzel bread after hearing how much Priya and I like it.

Strangeness: 1/5
Deliciousness: 3.5/5

Over in Essen 1, I had the same margharita pizza I had on that very first day, but this time with a popsickle! I must say, the pizza is no chandler--it is more like frozen microwave pizza that you make for the kids you babysit. But it did the job, and I think the popsickle deserves an additional deliciousness point.

Strangeness: 2/5
Deliciousness: 4/5

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